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Hello Networkers – Welcome to my Journey !!!

hello networkers

Hello Fellow Networkers,

Welcome to NetworkingIP where we aim to discuss and learn all about IP Networking Technologies. I’ve about 15 years of experience ranfing from Support to Consulting in Enterprise, Data Center and more recently on Service Provider domain.

Most probably I am just like you… another fellow Network Guy. My name is … well let’s just say “The Network Guy”. You may be asking… There are many other Network blogs, why a new one? Few days back I was struggling to get PPPoE up on a small router and I knew I had made a minimal master config that almost always worked. I had to search for a while to find what I used to share with my customers back my support days. Consider it as my personal repository and that I do not mind sharing my knowledge with my fellow peers (Day 1 lesson any TAC guy will learn).

I am starting with that and things may evolve with time… Hopefully for the better. This is the start of my online journey. I look forward to learn and grow along you all and hopefully be able to give some value back to my fellow community of Networkers.

Since I am putting a structure to how I’ll organise the content, you may see a lot of chnages and non working links. Do bear with it. Needless to say… Your priceless comments and suggestions are much welcome. I do look forward of conversing with you. 

Cheers!!! The Network Guy.

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